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Music Ministry

God has wired us for music...

We have songs that play in our minds.  There are instruments we learn to play.  Music is part of how we express our feelings.  It affects our mood.  We listen to it in the car.  We will sing in the shower.  Music is a regular and important part of our lives.  Why?  God has wired us for music. 

At Gate City we want to give opportunity not only for musical, worshipful expression, but provide opportunities so that people can learn or develop their musical skills and abilities.  That will provide us as a church an even greater opportunity to express how it is we feel about God and all the great things He has done for us. 

While we are wired for music, we do not all have identical tastes and preferences. At Gate City you’ll discover we are intentional about utilizing different styles and genres of music. You’ll hear and sing songs that are old, that are new, that are upbeat, that are slow, that you heard as a child, that you heard on the radio on the way to church.

If you have any questions about music or ways in which you might get connected to some of the opportunities that exist, please contact us in the church office, 336-292-8672.

Karen Peters

Choral director

What We Do

Praise Team

The congregational worship on Sunday mornings is led by a Praise Team that practices weekly.  We also have a Youth Praise Team that leads worship for students on Wednesday nights.


We have an adult choir that sings most Sundays and meets for rehearsals on Sunday nights at 5:30.  These rehearsals are open to guests who may want to sit in and attempt to discover if the choir is an area where God may want to use them.

Handbells & Ensembles

Gate City also has a handbell choir, a ladies ensemble, and a young singers choir. There are numerous places for you to get plugged in to our music ministry!